1. Charlotte clay

    Thank you very much for your responses

    Can I just check to see if bureau 22 and 5 are available
    Kind regards
    Charlotte clay

  2. Caroline Cullingham

    I love the screen prints that you are producing, I have used many transfer methods in the past, but love your images.

    How much would a screen print on bureau 10 & 11 be?

    Do you run any courses?

    Look forward to hearing from you

    1. Kat - Touch the Wood Post author

      Thank you for contacting us
      If you are familiar with screen printing method we can make for you a frame with ‘Queen Bee’ design. The cost would £40 + shipping.
      Unfortunately we do not made any tutorials on this subject (yet), we do not run any curses either – right now we focus on implementation stencils selling in our shop. But we will pick it up in near future.
      Kind regards


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