Small Vintage Bureau no 34

Small Vintage Bureau waiting for shabby chic makeover

small vintage bureau waiting for makeover

This bureau comes from 1940’s, and is made of solid wood.
Does have no key and have plain pull handle in the slope instead, which we will replace with something much prettier.
Stands on four cute claw and ball feet.


height: 77 cm;
width: 78 cm;
depth: 44 cm;
depth with the slope opened: 77 cm;



  1. Vivienne Irvine

    Hi there,
    I love the look of your work. Thats how I found your website.
    I just brought a writing desk the same as this one with the great ball and claw feet. I have rubbed it down ready for painting but am undecided about the drop handles. Not sure if knobs are the way to go or something in keeping with the age.
    The top is a very nice mahogany vaneer so will be keeping that as it is. The rest seems to be oak. Have not attempted the draw fronts or slope yet, but hoping they are mahogany as well. I like the mix of paint and wood.
    The inside of mine is the same, except the draw is at the bottom and not the top like yours. But it does have the small black knob intact.
    Mine also does not have any keys but also no locks, so will have to replace them. But for a facebook find of £15 with delivery I cant complain. He was taking it to the tip later that day if no one brought it!
    In my later years I have taken up restoring otherwise unwanted peices of furniture destined for the tip. I have no background for any of this, just a patient husband that makes my tea and hears my cursing when things do not go my way.
    I have also found a new best friend in pallet wood, the internet and power tools.!! I love christmas and no one gets stuck with what to get me.
    I admire your work and I am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. I hope you have many fruitfull years doing what you are both so very good at.
    Viv xx


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