Vintage Shabby Chic Wardrobe with Mesh (no. 01)

Custom work: Vintage Wardrobe with Mesh – Shabby Chic Makeover


There it is – yet another custom shabby chic makeover.

By accident we became owners of this quite old wardrobe. After resting in our waiting room for more than half a year we have been commissioned to turn it into a chalk painted treasure.


Vintage Shabby Chic Wardrobe

1. Our initial plans

The wardrobe itself was in overall good shape, the only thing was a broken mirror in the front panel.

After we got this vintage wardrobe our plan was either to refit the mirror or to makeover it in the Art Nouveau style; we were considering to replace the mirror with an artwork of the Czech painter named Alphonse Mucha.

We meant the poster called ‘Summer’ – really beautiful and sensual portrait of young hot woman (she impersonates the ‘Summer’ after all). We made even mock-up of the would-be poster fitted in the wardrobe.



2. The order

The wardrobe waited for half a year before her time has came.

The lady wanted a shabby chic item to match her sunny conservatory. Unfortunately she did not liked our Alphonse Mucha project, she wanted something more floral or organic. Sticking to the idea of Art Nouveau we have presented her some other mock-ups base on this era.



The first of this four mock-ps contains our own Vintage Shawl Background, and this was the choice of our customer. The lady said that this pattern remains her metal mesh used sometimes with vintage furniture. This gave us an idea.

3. Vintage Shabby Chic Wardrobe with Mesh

Our proposal was to use expanded aluminium mesh in front door panel, and stencil on two side panels on the front.

Our project was accepted, and there you can see what we ended up with.


Vintage Shabby Chic Wardrobe with Mesh

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