Vintage Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers no. 07

The print transfer you can see on the piece below was created with Screen Printing method, however you can replicate this effect using Water Decal that is available in our online shop at BigBite Studio – Print Transfers.

You can have the design as
Water Decal: Vintage French Advert: Corset Susan #003.

Custom Restoration with Print

shabby chic chest of drawers with print - french corset

Commisioned work for restoring in Shabby Chic style old tallboy – chest of 5 drawers.
Full story behind this project you can find in our post ‘From Trash to Posh – Shabby Chic Custom Restoration ‘

drawers: Annie Sloan’s ‘Old Ochre’
body: Annie Sloan’s ‘Olive’ mixed with ‘Old White’
print: Annie Sloan’s ‘Olive’

technique: screen printing

The image used in the printing you will find clicking Free Printable Image – French Corset Vintage Advert
or you have opportunity to buy it in a form of water decal, check on our French Corset (Susan) Water Decal.


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