Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau no. 10

The print transfer you can see on the piece below was created with Screen Printing method, however you can replicate this effect using Water Decal or Stencil, that are available in our online shop at BigBite Studio – Print Transfers.

You can have the design as
Water Decal: Queen Bee in Wreath #002 or
Stencil: Vintage Queen Bee in Wreath #002

Commissioned Job – Custom Makeover


Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau – work to order

It has taken a loooooot of time to finish this one. We managed to makeover five other bureaus before we put our hands on this one.

Our initial idea was to create a piece of furniture suitable for children’s bedroom. We were thinking about screen print of Winnie the Pooh on creamy background. We even found the graphics for a print and… we stuck. For long.

Luckily, after some time, Amanda showed up and picked up from the Waiting Room our bureau no. 10 commissioning us to do shabby chic makeover. She chose Farrow and Ball ‘Oval Room Blue’ paint to go together with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ and our ‘Queen Bee’ printing. We were very excited to accept the order – we never worked before on two different sorts of paint in the same time. It was making us anxious – would it work? It did.
Just have a look at the pictures.



The same vintage shabby chic bureau before makeover



  1. Jools

    This is beautiful. Please can I ask what you use to keep your lines so crisp and how you did the inlay?


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