Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau No. 06

Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Original’ and ‘Paris Grey’


Another fancy Shabby Chic piece of ours. And this one is simply unique.

We buy and sell a lot of furniture, and since we started, we did have not seen such an exceptional piece. Unfortunately, we do not know how old it is, but it is genuinely vintage, made of solid wood. But what especially seize the heart are details; have a look at the drawer handles, they are extraordinarily noble, as well as key fitting – shapped as Ancient Greek Cup.

Painted with two layers of different colours of Annie Sloan’s paints – firstly with ‘Paris Grey’, and after that ‘Original’ on outside. Then gently distressed along leading edges in areas of natural wear for that authentic aged look.

Exterior is protected with a satin acrylic varnish to provide an excellent durable surface and to enhance that old Shabby Chic appearance. That makes it is easier to wipe clean, and enforce surface for all it’s many uses: writing, laptops etc

This Bureau has a variety of drawers and storage compartments as shown, with drop down door (writing desk). This vintage bureau is a very chic and elegant piece of furniture for your home and with many uses.

You may be curious, why there are no handles attached to these dropdown support bars. The reason is, they slide out automatically when you open the desk. We have put a silver-colour felt on the top of these bars to protect external surface of the lid when opened.


Please notice, there is no key to go with this piece



There is a French advert printed on external side of desktop. This was original old advertising for Violet Candies. We have used technique of screen printing and Annie Sloan’s ‘Paris Grey’ paint. Image we used was taken from Graphics Fairy website.


Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-16 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-15 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-17 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-01 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-14 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-08 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-07 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-05 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-04 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-13 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-12 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-10 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-11 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-06 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-03 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-02 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-20 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-19 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-18 Vintage-Shabby-Chic-Bureau_06-09



Height: 98cm

Width: 76cm

Depth: 46cm

Depth with table-top open: 79cm

Depth of top part: 22cm



Annie Sloan – ‘Original’ chalk paint (on outside)

Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint



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