How to transfer print onto wood – tutorial

PVA glue (Mod Podge substitute) method


A way to transfer inkjet print onto wood or furniture

I am not going to show anything new or super-innovative, this technique is widely known, and you can find a lot of examples of using it on hobby & craft websites, however – in most cases – it is known as a Mod Podge technique. Which I personally find very annoying, mostly because of the price you must to pay to buy a small jar of Mod Podge.

After small investigation I discovered, that Mod Podge is nothing more than PVA glue, the one you can buy for ‘next to nothing’ in any stationary store with school equipment. So I started there. After some trial and error process I end up with a way which works fine for me. The results are satisfying, and you can see them on our Wooden Plaques with Print page.

To read more go to: How to transfer print onto wood – PVA glue (Mod Podge substitute)


  1. Rachel


    Congratulations on such a wonderful website and beautiful furniture. Thanks too for sharing your transformations and methods.

    May I just ask about “screen printing”… how is it done? I guess it’s different to the mod podge method you show in your tutorial? Would love to learn more.

    Best wishes.


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