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Shabby Chic Oval Coffee Table no. 01


Shabby Chic Oval Coffee Table with White French Print

Let me introduce you another piece salved from destruction – a Shabby Chic Oval Table. Quite short, however with large top.

This time we decided to leave the top surface visible. After complete removal of old varnish, just two layers of natural oak wood stain revealed beauty of veneer. This contrasts in a marvellous way with the bottom part and legs painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’. To make this work complete, we printed old white Vintage French Advert (Vins & Spiritueux), by courtesy of Graphics Fairy.

The top is finished with durable polyurethane varnish, all spilled coffee will be easily wiped with damp cloth. The bottom part is covered with two layers of Annie Sloan’s Waxes – clear and dark.


height: 39cm
top: 116cm x 70cm

For printing we have used vintage French advert, by courtesy of thegraphicsfairy.com.
The technique we used this time is a screen printing.

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint

Top – clear matt polyurethane varnish
Base & legs – Annie Sloan’s Clear and Dark Waxes


Vintage Side Table no. 01


This time we want to present a small Vintage Side Table, painted with Miss Lillian’s Topsy Turvy Chalk (Chock) Paint. The story behind these paints you can read in our quick review on Miss Lilian’s Paints

This Vintage Side Table was salved on some car boot sale and restored and altered by us. We have thoroughly cleaned and sanded it (it had roughly around 10 layers od different colours on outside), and then it was painted with the paint I have mentioned above: Miss Lillian’s ‘Just Duckie’.

As usually we made a screen print on the top – French advert taken from Graphics Fairy website (the image is an original old advertising for Violet Candies).


height: 70cm
table top:38cm x 38cm

Miss Lillian’s Topsy Turvy – ‘Just Duckie’ chalk paint
Miss Lillian’s Topsy Turvy – ‘Irish Cream’ chalk paint (stencil)

…the same Vintage Side Table before renovation




Shabby Chic Bureau no. 8

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and the Violinist


Commissioned Work

What you can see in here is a Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau we made entirely to order.
Our customer has chosen a ‘raw’ vintage bureau from our Waiting Room, and we were happy to renovate it accordingly to her wishes.

This Shabby Chic Bureau was not on sale at all, therefore I do not include usual commercial part of description. Just the most important things:

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint
Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint

To give our Shabby Chic Bureau more vintage look we lined the bottom of each drawer with a prints of old fashioned butterflies, which we collect at Pinterest. Here you have link do best quality image: Butterflies

On the top we have printed a Vintage French Advert. I would love to add ‘Original’ with this description, but I cannot. Design was made by us and inspiration taken from the Internet.
The technique we used is our favourite screen printing.

Are we or are we not getting better in it?
Just have a look at the pictures.


shabby_chic_bureau-08_before-after_25shabby_chic_bureau-08_before-after_26shabby_chic_bureau-08_01shabby_chic_bureau-08_02 shabby_chic_bureau-08_03shabby_chic_bureau-08_04shabby_chic_bureau-08_05shabby_chic_bureau-08_06 shabby_chic_bureau-08_07shabby_chic_bureau-08_08shabby_chic_bureau-08_09shabby_chic_bureau-08_10shabby_chic_bureau-08_11shabby_chic_bureau-08_12shabby_chic_bureau-08_13shabby_chic_bureau-08_14shabby_chic_bureau-08_15shabby_chic_bureau-08_16shabby_chic_bureau-08_17shabby_chic_bureau-08_18


Shabby Chic Bureau before renovation…

shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_19 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_20 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_21 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_22 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_23