Shabby Chic Makeover – Bureau no. 23

The print transfer you can see on the piece below was created with Screen Printing method, however you can replicate this effect using Water Decal or Stencil, that are available in our online shop at BigBite Studio – Print Transfers.

You can have the design as
Water Decal: Vintage French Advert: Patisserie #024 or
Stencil: Vintage French Patisserie Advert #024

Custom work: Shabby Chic Makeover with Print


Made to order for a returning customer

There is nothing sweeter as a returning customer, I must say.
Returning customer is a living valuation of your work. And it is a positive valuation.



More than half a year earlier we sold our Shabby Chic Bureau no. 10 to one very fine lady. Recently she came back to us asking for another makeover, this time – for her daughter.

We were asked to paint one of the pieces they have found in our Waiting Room. The requirements weren’t complicated – a distressed mix of Annie Sloan’s ‘Provence’ and ‘Old White’ (1:6) on top of a pure ‘Old White’ underneath.

Additional request was about the inlay of drawers’ bottoms – they needed to be linen with prints of old hand-writen letters which you can find in our Feebies section. We were glad to take this order as we used this opportunity to make three new similar collages (we will upload them very soon).



As we always look forward to building up our print archive, we offered to make a transfer of our customer’s choice. We pointed her to the Graphics Fairy website and as a result we were requested for a vintage advert of patisserie bakery.

And there it is.

Painted with a very pleasant shade of pale green with distressed off-white the bureau looks more like pistachio ice-cream with whipped cream than a piece of furniture, especially with the bakery advert printed on the slope.

The only thing missing is a cherry on the top, I am afraid.



technique: screen printing
design: courtesy of Graphics Fairy website

first layer and print: Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’
second layer: mix of Annie Sloan’s ‘Provence’ and ‘Old White’ (1:6)

collage of vintage hand-writen letters; sourced, printed, attached and varnished by Kat.

Shabby Chic Makeover with Print



    1. Kat - Touch the Wood Post author

      Hi, Thanks for asking and it is always nice to know that our bureau is loved by someone.
      SCREEN PRINTING is a complex and time consuming method, to make it work we need to do as follow:
      1. prepare digital design printed on transparency sheets;
      2. create a wooden printing frame, which means:
      – cutting out and creating to measure (by hand) a wooden frame;
      – painting it with varnish for protection;
      – stretching a mesh canvas on the frame (by hand);
      – covering the mesh with light sensitive liquid and then
      – exposing the mesh against the printed transparency to the light;
      3. and at last to transfer print to the furniture.
      But at the end it is worth the effort as the transfer is perfect.
      Have a great day.

  1. Fran

    It’s a nice makeover—but this is the lower half of secretary desk not a bureau. I have one similar to this with the top bookcase.

  2. Bev Murrill

    I love that you live in St. Albans… I lived in UK for nearly 20 years and just now am back in Aus… but it makes me feel sentimental to know that you guys live in St. Albans, which I know quite well..


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