Shabby Chic Coffee Table no. 04

The print transfer you can see on the piece below was created with Screen Printing method, however you can replicate this effect using Water Decal or Stencil, that are available in our online shop at BigBite Studio – Print Transfers.

You can have the design as
Water Decal: Vintage American Advert of ‘Reynolds Teas’ #004 or
Stencil: Reynolds Teas American Merchant Advert – Vintage Stencil #004

Coffee Table with a Tea Advert


Shabby Chic Coffee Table with Print of Vintage Tea Advert

Let me present second of Shabby Chic Coffee Tables we have found recently. It looks quite alike the previous Shabby Chic Coffee Table no. 03, so we decided to make a different print on it.

This time, as usual, we used our unwearying source of inspiration which is Flickr. We used Vintage Tea Advert and adjusted it to our needs. It was traced in Illustrator and then edited in Photoshop – we added a vintage frame border, borrowed from completely different image found on Graphics Fairy blog.

The image was transferred using screen printing method. I am especially proud of this one, due to the crispness of details I have achieved. Just have a look.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Shabby Chic Coffee Table20140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_0920140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_0320140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_0620140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_0520140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_0120140411_shabby-chic-coffee-table04_04

This Vintage Shabby Chic coffee table was painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ and ‘Paris Grey’. After that it was covered with two layers of Colron’s acrylic non-yellowing varnish, so it is safe to wipe with a dump cloth.

height: 47 cm
table top: 97 cm x 48cm

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint
Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint

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