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Vintage Shawl Background

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Vintage Shawl Background for DIY Craftsmen.

We would like to share with you an image we have used with one of our projects. We used it to line an inner desktop part of the Bureau no. 07.

Working on this piece, one day we have reached a dead end – we stuck with searching for a proper background design. Our idea was to use some kind of vintage wallpaper matching the colour of the bureau, but – as we could not find anything satisfying us – we decided to make one ourselves. To complete this, we used an old vintage shawl and ‘Duck Egg Blue’ background to take this photo.

The first option you have is a single regular image we made


The second option is a horizontaly seamless version of the image, which means you can extend it in both sides to reach your desirable width. It is an actual image we have used working on bureau desktop.



Below you can see an image with all elements working altogether



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