1. Joséphine Verneuil

    Hello from France,

    It’s nice, and intriguing, to see all this interest in old typographic advertisements. But they do look wonderful, either on pieces of furniture or even windows don’t they? However, I can’t help and point out a couple of easily made mistakes as French people seed mute letters and accents here and there specifically to confuse foreigners. Case in point: LIQUEURS and not LIQUERS and À MARSANAY LA CÔTE, with accents on À and Ô.
    On another freebie I noticed a LINGES which, if correct, doesn’t mean much. CORSETS and LINGERIE would have been correct.
    Your creations look great, so don’t ruin them needlessly. They deserve better.

    And thanks for sharing your worksm it’s always a pleasure for the eyes. Happy creating!

    – Joséphine Verneuil


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