From Trash to Posh – Shabby Chic Custom Restoration (Drawer Chest no. 07)

How we did it: Custom Shabby Chic Makeover with Print


In this post I would like to present you the way we gone through to restore to life the old and neglected chest of drawers. Bear in mind: it is not a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tutorial, it is rather DIM (Done-It-Myself) story.

Below you can see the subject of this topic – almost dead body before against the results of our shabby chic restoration works after. Read More

How to fix broken table top without any tools – DIY tutorial

Repairing broken furniture without tools


Before the start I have to clarify some facts.

First of all: this is not a tutorial about repairing a table top; it is about a top of a dresser.
Second: this is not a tutorial at all; rather than ‘how-to-do-it’ this thing is more ‘how-I-did-it’ guidance based on my own experience.

And third, the last: you cannot fix a dresser top without any tools, I am afraid; you will need at least screwdriver.
All the above are just to pick up a search engine optimisation and attract more readers (boy, how cheeky are we). But it does not change a fact that we want to share very useful tips with you. Having this cleared let’s start.
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We Are Back!

Vintage Shabby Chic Summer is Over


We are getting busy again

First of all we want to sincerely apologise all our readers, watchers, followers, and anyone who tried to contact us during last seven weeks, for lack of communication.
We spent this time on Wild East, where pigeones still are being used for sending mail.
Sometimes. Read More