Water Slide Decals: Transfer Complex Print to Furniture – VIDEO TUTORIAL

How to transfer big and complex print with water slide decals

water slide decal print transfer to furniture tutorial

Water Slide Decal Print Transfer to Furniture

We have a lot questions regarding our water slide decals and techniques we use to transfer prints with them. That is why we decided to make a video tutorial on this subject.

In fact this is the last part of tutorial on making Shabby Chic Furniture with print, however we starting to publish it backwards. The next part will cover the methods we use to make a texture using Annie Sloan’s chalk paints. Read More

Free Printable Background: Old Music Sheets

New Freebie – Old Music Sheets, free to download


Old Music sheet background

On occasion of doing the last music theme bureau no 22 we decided to share three backgrounds we created to line the drawers’ bottoms.

These are photographs of real-life music sheets (printed from internet, as you can guess). The high resolution images were not photo-manipulated, these are actual drawer bottom boards we used later with the bureau.

Free to download background - Old Music Sheets
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Free Printable Vintage Graphics – Floral Headers

New Freebie – Old Vintage Floral Page Headers


Download Vintage Floral Graphics from 1885’s vintage book

We are pleased to present you a high resolution set of original floral graphics from a 1885’s book.

The images were used as page headers at the beginning of each chapter of Eva Hope’s ‘Life of General Gordon’ printed in Newcastle-on-Tyne by Walter Scott’s press in 1885. The name of illustrator is unknown.

Free printable vintage floral graphics
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Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau with Print no. 22

On Sale: Shabby Chic writing desk with French graphic print


Upcycled Furniture with music theme and print

This bureau sounds French. We upcycled it with a music theme to create a unique custom style.
The drawers are lined with music sheets and we designed handsome vintage-style logo on the cover slope.  If you like design of the print you have opportunity to buy it in a form of water decal, check on our Water Decal Victorian Girl with a Violin..

Just have a look at the images.
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Vintage Shabby Chic Coffee Table – Trunk / Chest Box no. 02

This Shabby Chic Coffee Table made of vintage chest box is on Sale now


This Shabby Chic Coffee Table is made of vintage Trunk / Chest Box.

We removed front lid and made a shelf of it. Now it perfectly fit either in front of your sofa as a coffee table, or in your hallway as a fancy shoe shelf.

We transferred a print on the back of the piece, this time it is a American vintage advert of bicycles, way from 19th century (approx 1890). Original of this image you can find at Grahics Fairy website, this one with a small tweak to meet our needs.

If you like design of the print you have opportunity to buy it in a form of water decal, check on our Water Decal of Vintage American Columbias Bicycle Advert.
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Shabby Chic Summer – review

So we have been on holiday…


This article has been waiting almost half a year to be posted, but finally – there it is!

It is such a pleasure for us to look back at these hot and nice days, especially today, during this freezing cold winter time (it was 5 degrees below zero today). These memories give me strength to wait till next summer, when I can again enjoy beautiful hot weather and splendid company.

So, at the time we have been on holiday….
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Adding Decals to Furniture – 10 Creative Ideas

Some inspirational blogs on adding decals to furniture

Adding decals to furniture tutorials

This article is about adding water decals to furniture, one of the print transfer techniques.
If you ever did any shabby chic makeover, or you are planning to, this post is for you.

As you perhaps know we specialize in print transfers. Right now our favourite is screen printing but previously we, without any false modesty, mastered transferring water decals to furniture (just have a look at one of our finest works, Shabby Chic Nest of Tables no. 11).

However – there was a day when we didn’t know a thing in this subject. And – surprisingly – there weren’t much information online about it either. It took us a long time to create our own techniques, including use of water decals.

Luckily it starts to change. Read More

Shabby Chic Furniture Print Transfer – Nest of Tables no. 19

Custom work: Shabby Chic Nest of Tables with Print Transfer


This vintage nest of tables is quite alike other set of shabby chic furniture with print transfer we did in a past, just click at our Vintage Shabby Chic Nest of Tables No. 11 to compare.

We were lucky enough to be commissioned by an overseas customer for a shabby chic makeover of nesing tables in a style of our Nest no. 11 , with Graphics Fairy’s ‘Vins & Spiritueux’ vintage advert.

Then we were incredibly lucky to find a similar nest two days later, for literary next to nothing. Read More