Miss Lillian’s Topsy Turvy Chalk Paint

Miss Lillian’s Chalk Paint – Quick Review


American “No Wax Chalk Paint”

Couple of weeks ago, by courtesy of Marylin of Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint, I have been given some testers of their No Wax Chalk Paint. I have been told, this paint has similar qualities as Annie Sloan’s chalk paint (which I use on daily basis), with one big difference – it does not need to be waxed or varnished after being finished.


I could not wait to check if it is true. It took some time, but finally I am able to present some thoughts about the product.


About the Paint




I need to say I really like this paint. There are some most important advantages:

  1. This chalk paint is very fast drying, (drying time is similar to any Annie Sloan’s paint – or even shorter)
  2. When sanding, Miss Lillian’s paint behaves as regular chalk paint with a layer of wax on top.
  3. It is no-odour formula, which is very important for all painters.
  4. The last, and perhaps the most important advantage, you really do not need to wax or varnish afterwards! The surface looks smooth and has a lovely satin shine, like after waxing and is really nice to touch. This paint is a real time-saver!


The only thing I can say against the product is a colour palette. It does not hit my taste, but – off course – it is only my personal opinion.


Practical Use

Trying to get familiar with the paint qualities we started with creating two simple plaques firstly and small side table afterwards.

As big fans of all print transferring methods, we were interested to test this paint against two different transfer techniques, which are screen printing and PVA glue transfer. The results were very satisfying, in both cases Miss Lillians’ behaved very well.
You can see very first attempt to screen printing on the first plaque (background of regular white and grey primer and then oval painted with black ‘Onyx’ and girl’s profile with ‘Just Duckie’).



Second plaque is made with use of PVA glue transfer technique on ‘Just Duckie’ paint – you can see more our plaques made with method in Wooden Plaques with Print page. I need to mention, that Annie Sloan`s paints (which I am a big fan of) failed with this method.




Afterwards we have altered one the tables waiting for some TLC in our Waiting Room.

We have painted it with a ‘Just Duckie’ and then, we screen printed our favourite French advert on top. For print we have used Miss Lillian’s ‘Irish Cream’. As you can see on pictures – it is suitable for fine prints, you can get very crispy details.


To sum up:

Big YES for Miss Lilly’s Topsy Turvy paints!

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