How to make Shabby Chic Furniture #2: Texture – VIDEO TUTORIAL

How to create rich two colour texture

how to create rich two colour texture on shabby chic furniture

Creating Shabby Chic texture on furniture

Finally we have found some time to put together video tutorial on the technique we use for creating texture on our furniture. This video corresponds with an article we posted long time ago about comparing textures on two shabby chic nest of tables.

We had quite few questions regarding this technique, so there it is – a visual explanation. We hope you will find it useful.

To create this texture you will need following objects:
– thick brush with reasonably long hair;
– small thin brush;
– painting roller with tray;
– wet and dry cloths;
– clear acrylic varnish;
– two colours of your choice of chalk paint.

Basically the whole thing is quite easy and you can close it in six steps.

1. Creating thick and rough layer of first colour;
2. Creating more delicate and gentle layer of the same colour (or, actually, any colour you want);
3. Covering with clear acrylic varnish;
4. Creating thin layer of second colour (the paint should be thinned with water for easier removing);
5. Sanding down flat surfaces;
6. Wiping down round and curvy elements.

The trick in this method is to use clear varnish in between two colours. In this way you protect the bottom colour from smearing and staining with top colour. The varnish allows you also using dump cloth to wipe down these parts which are not suitable for sanding.

And that is it. Quite easy way to achieve stunning effects. Every piece is unique and it is entirely up to you what texture you get at the end – delicate or bold, soft or heavy contrasted: just let yourself to play around with colours and thickness of the paint.

Just one more thing: do not forget to protect your piece afterwards! (we use the same clear acrylic varnish).

If you have any questions – drop the comment underneath the post.


    1. Tracey Blake

      Hi i have just watched your tutorial over and over and found it most fascinating and cannot wait to start m own piece.
      I would like to ask whether in between the coats did you cover the whole piece in varnish or just the legs and top?
      also is the varnish satin finish? and did you apply the first coat using a brush or roller on the entire piece.i look forward to hearing from you and watching more of your tutorials
      many thanks tracey

      1. Kat - Touch the Wood Post author

        Hi Tracey,
        We are glad that you found our tutorial useful. Answering your question, yes we cover all piece with a varnish between the white colour and grey and we are using satin varnish. The idea with the varnish between the colours is to protect the bottom layer of colour from smudging. Painting first layer of white colour (before we start with texture) we are using roller for it.
        Thank you,
        Kat & Kris

  1. Linda Bell

    Just found your site and I have to say Im very impressed, as an amateur it has given me loads of ideas!
    Thanks you


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