Free Printable Vintage Graphics – Floral Headers

New Freebie – Old Vintage Floral Page Headers


Download Vintage Floral Graphics from 1885’s vintage book

We are pleased to present you a high resolution set of original floral graphics from a 1885’s book.

The images were used as page headers at the beginning of each chapter of Eva Hope’s ‘Life of General Gordon’ printed in Newcastle-on-Tyne by Walter Scott’s press in 1885. The name of illustrator is unknown.

Free printable vintage floral graphics

Basically it is quite boring story of an adventurous British hero aka ‘Gordon Pasha’. A sort of rebel, public hero of late 1800’s. The book features very nice graphics which we would like to share with you as free printables.


The images come with cleaned background and in two options: as black and sepia.
You can download them as two .pdf files containing all images on separate pages (3MB black and 6MB sepia), or as two packs of images in .rar format (4MB black and 7MB sepia).

These images is free to use without any limitations (copyright for the artwork expired), however we would be happy if you credit us when you do it, especially online.


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