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Would you like a custom makeover?


We are open for any custom works.

If you need a Shabby Chic furniture (or French, or Country Style) you are in good place.
We buy, restore and paint furniture creating unique results thanks to our experience and unique methods.

We specialise in transferring prints onto the furniture and most of the time we use Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

If you want any piece with our marks left on it, do one of the following:

1. Check on our SHOP
Just click on our shop page, you can find some of our Shabby Chic furniture selection, as well as some print transfer and other shabby chic items. However – if you couldn’t find anything interesting for you check on our waiting room.
2. Have a look at our WAITING ROOM
In the waiting room we keep furniture ready for makeover. If you like anything from there, let us know and we will customise them according to your wish. If you still not satisfied go to the next step.
3. Let us FIND IT for you
We are able to source almost any piece of furniture of your desire. It can be a chair, a bureau, nesting tables – you name it. We can pick it up from a seller, makeover, and then deliver to you. If you still didn’t get there let us get to you.
4. Let us CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN furniture
It can happen that you would like to give a second life to the beloved piece of yours. No problem, we can pick it up from you and deliver finished product later; just contact us to discuss details.


What you can expect.

We would like you to know what to expect when commissioning us, what you pay for and what our standards are – it is your money after all. We are attaching some basic info below, if you cannot find an answer for your question do not hesitate to drop us a line at

(…as a standard)
Below is a list of things we do as a standard job (unless agreed differently):


  • – sourcing and the cost of the item (but only when you buy an item from our shop, in case of commissioned works this cost is considered separately);

  • – restoration works (we try to bring back furniture to its original condition: seal cracks, fill holes etc.);
  • – cleaning, sanding and stripping down paint and varnish when required;

  • – covering with high quality primer to prevent future bleeding after painting;
  • – covering with 2 layers of chosen paint;
  • – covering with 2 additional layers of chosen paint (in a case when two colour distress is required);
  • – covering with 3 layers of protecting acrylic varnish;

  • – with items made to order the level of distress will be entirely up to you; you can go either towards shabby (have a look at our shabby chic bureau no 12 with quite harsh distress) or chic (like here, on our bureau no 19 with a mirror, where we did not make even one scratch on the paint)
  • BRASSWARE JOBS (if needed)

  • – replacing old screws (on locks, hinges, etc) with a good quality brass ones;
  • – cleaning / polishing all brassware (locks, hinges, handles);

  • – all the drawers are thoroughly cleaned / sanded etc.
  • painting the outer sides of all drawers

  • – all the prints used by us previously are available for you included in the price;
  • CONSULTATIONS (all day long)

  • – if you commissioned us – ongoing consultation with you regarding colours, design etc.
  • – colour theme suggestions: to avoid potential mistakes we will post you the real-live, painted by us on paper, colour palettes (for your approval).
  • – after we finish the work and before your final approval we will send you detailed photographs for you to make a decision; there is no need for you to visit us, everything (apart from delivery of course) can be sorted online.

(…subject of charge)
The following tasks are optional and WILL BE CHARGED separately:


  • – we can make collage of stunning vintage images (as letters, music sheets etc) to stick to the inner bottoms of each drawer (compare with our Shabby Chic Bureau no. 23);

  • – wire mesh installed in places of glass (the similar way as in our Vintage Wardrobe)

  • – We can attach brass ornaments to the body, or fit the mirror (as we did on this vintage bureau transformation)

  • – we can stencil any pattern or design chosen by you (perhaps similar to our burau no 17)

  • – We can also create a unique custom print and design (more info below)


Every piece is unique and we are not able to estimate time of completion without viewing it. Also a waiting list makes is an important factor.

Usually we reserve for ourselves three weeks from a day when a deposit was made.

Our aim is perfection.


Print Transfer to Furniture

The transfer of any print we have done before is included in the price.

The charges apply with any new print design ordered. The reason is that preparation of new print is a complex and time consuming process (just read below).

For extra charge we can design and prepare 100% unique custom logo / image / lettertype.

To transfer print to furniture we use SCREEN PRINTING method – a technique which gives really stunning and professional effect.

If you want us to transfer any of the prints used by us previously (check our We Made page) you will not be charged extra.

For your information: SCREEN PRINTING
SCREEN PRINTING is a complex and time consuming method, to make it work we need to do as follow:
1. prepare digital design printed on transparency sheets;
2. create a wooden printing frame, which means:

– cutting out and creating to measure (by hand) a wooden frame;
– painting it with varnish for protection;
– stretching a mesh canvas on the frame (by hand);
– covering the mesh with light sensitive liquid and then
– exposing the mesh against the printed transparency to the light;

3. and at last to transfer print to the furniture.

For as little as £80 we will design and create custom print especially for you. It can be a logo, text or so on. We will work out your ideas and inspirations and deliver to you firstly a digital design (approved by you) and then its print transferred on your piece.

How does a whole process works? It’s easy – we will follow your suggestions and present you first version of design. Then you tell us what you would like us to change, and we do it. Then we will deliver to you completed design. If you are not satisfied, we will make as many amendments as needed to get your approval, however after that every correction is charged.

The price for a custom print design and first correction is £80, every next correction is £20.


Fixed Costs (for Commissioned Works)

(…when you commissioned us)
Furniture we work with is vintage, sometimes antique and always used, therefore every item is valued individually.

This means we cannot estimate price of our work before seeing the piece; the cost depends on it’s condition and amount of work required.

The total cost of a custom order is a sum of following:


  • – A price we paid when buying the item itself, and this may vary significantly between each other which is normal when buying second-hand furniture;

  • – Based on item’s condition and customer’s requirements;

  • – The cost of above materials

  • – We are able to deliver the items within 100 miles distance from AL3 6BS, we charge £0.80 per mile. The best you can do is to contact us for a quote;

  • – as we have bad experiences, we DO NOT ARANGE COURIER DELIVERIES; however feel free to organise one on your own risk. Just bear in mind, if packing is required the additional charges will apply: £10 – £20 depending on size of the item.


We are still novices in a big world of financial commitments; that is a reason we prefer payment in cash on pick up or delivery.
Alternatively we can accept a payment via bank transfer or PayPal;


(…before we start)
If you are OK with it and you want to go further we require £50 of deposit to secure the work.

The rest of payment – we prefer cash on collection/delivery.


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