Custom Edwardian Bureaus Makeover

Antique Edwardian Furniture Makeover in Shabby Chic Style

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Custom Makeover: Tall Edwardian Bureau with Print Transfer

Some time ago we were approached by lovely lady. She was an archaeologist looking for a tall bureau with a bookcase. We have pointed her to a classy looking Edwardian piece sitting in our Waiting Room and she accepted this!

(See the picture below for ‘before / after’ impression.)

Tall Eduardian Bureau - before & after - custom makeover

shabby chic custom makeover edwardian bureau

The bureau she chose was unique, we have never had a piece with this sort of glass finish before.
As you can see on the picture, it is obviously not a stained glass at all, however the mountings of glass cuts were made of lead, just like in a stained glass!

shabby chic edwardian bureau - custom makeover

This tall bureau was really special: in brilliant condition, made of solid oak and very study.

Being practical Lady Archaeologist wanted to put the piece in her newly refurbished dining area, so we went for a light and pleasant shade of green, created from Annie Sloan’s palette.

Painting the inner parts we used ‘Old Ochre’ for nice warm feel; we stenciled there an old fashion pattern to make it look even better. Our customer chose a print transfer for a front slope – it was a butterfly design, vintage French Hotel advert

shabby chic print transfer - hotel papillon
(if you like this graphics it is available on Etsy: French Vintage Hotel Label.)

Custom Makeover: Small Edwardian Bureau with Print Transfer

Apparently we did a good job as almost a year later the archaeologist came back to us again looking for another piece, and this time she chose a smaller bureau from our ‘Waiting Room’, Edwardian as the one before.

We would like to present how we coped to makeover the two pieces to be made in the same style.

edwardian bureau shabby chic makeover - before and after

The colours she decided to go for this time was grey and white, again with stencilled pattern and screen printing on the slope.
It was Kat’s idea, she is crazy about stencils right now and she wants to put them everywhere she can, especially patterns which she loves. Luckily for her our customer accepted her idea.

shabby chic custom makeover - edwardian bureau shabby chic custom makeover - edwardian bureau

Design for screen printing on the slope was Lady Archaeologist’s choice as she loved the wreath and the idea of queen bee inside. And Kris was happy to help with the transfer.

shabby chic print transfer on vintage furniture - queen bee

We realy like to makeover vintage pieces, it was a pleasure to work on these two Edwardian Bureaus.

On top of that – we love custom makovers, it is so challenging and rewarding to make customer’s wishes come true.

But on top of everything, like on top of the tops, we love returning customers. Then we know that we simply did a good job.

Thank you, Lisa.


  1. Lisa

    Hi Kat & Kris,
    It’s great to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to show the full transformation! You did a fantastic job with them and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I love both these pieces so much – they are really practical (they are used every day) as well as being beautifully decorative. I also love having furniture which is unique and has bags of character. Thank you for all your ideas and suggestions and hard work!


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