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Shabby Chic Summer – review

So we have been on holiday…


This article has been waiting almost half a year to be posted, but finally – there it is!

It is such a pleasure for us to look back at these hot and nice days, especially today, during this freezing cold winter time (it was 5 degrees below zero today). These memories give me strength to wait till next summer, when I can again enjoy beautiful hot weather and splendid company.

So, at the time we have been on holiday….
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Adding Decals to Furniture – 10 Creative Ideas

Some inspirational blogs on adding decals to furniture

Adding decals to furniture tutorials

This article is about adding water decals to furniture, one of the print transfer techniques.
If you ever did any shabby chic makeover, or you are planning to, this post is for you.

As you perhaps know we specialize in print transfers. Right now our favourite is screen printing but previously we, without any false modesty, mastered transferring water decals to furniture (just have a look at one of our finest works, Shabby Chic Nest of Tables no. 11).

However – there was a day when we didn’t know a thing in this subject. And – surprisingly – there weren’t much information online about it either. It took us a long time to create our own techniques, including use of water decals.

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We Are Back!

Vintage Shabby Chic Summer is Over


We are getting busy again

First of all we want to sincerely apologise all our readers, watchers, followers, and anyone who tried to contact us during last seven weeks, for lack of communication.
We spent this time on Wild East, where pigeones still are being used for sending mail.
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Miss Lillian’s Topsy Turvy Chalk Paint

Miss Lillian’s Chalk Paint – Quick Review


American “No Wax Chalk Paint”

Couple of weeks ago, by courtesy of Marylin of Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint, I have been given some testers of their No Wax Chalk Paint. I have been told, this paint has similar qualities as Annie Sloan’s chalk paint (which I use on daily basis), with one big difference – it does not need to be waxed or varnished after being finished. Read More

The Best 5 Vintage Shabby Door Images

A Magic of Shabby Doors – Pick of the Year

Extraordinary Doors

As a New Year is almost there, we decided to make a rank of the most popular Extraordinary Doors we have been posting recently.

You know – a New Year is Coming, the Door is Opening, Unknown in front of Us, and so on, and so on… Read More