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A Magic of Shabby Doors – Pick of the Year

Extraordinary Doors

As a New Year is almost there, we decided to make a rank of the most popular Extraordinary Doors we have been posting recently.

You know – a New Year is Coming, the Door is Opening, Unknown in front of Us, and so on, and so on…
That is why we carefully counted all likes and shares gained by every image from our Facebook album called The Doors Extraordinary, and picked 5 winners.

And there they are, starting with the best one:

First Place: ‘Vintage Door rooted in Old Yew Tree’

It has not surprised me that this picture gained the most of your attention. In my opinion a tree embracing a door so closely, almost tenderly, is indeed the most special and extraordinary phenomenon.

We found this picture via Pinterest, and trying to satisfy our curiosity of who and where took the stunning photo, we tracked down the original.

The picture was made by Peter Trimming, on July 3, 2011 in Crowhurst, England, GB

Here you have a description made by author of this photo:

The Crowhurst Yew in Surrey. The door was in place before 1850. Yes; it really is on a drunken angle. This ancient yew tree is thought to be up to 4000 years old. Despite the trunk being hollow, the tree appears to be in good health.

I hope the tree with the door is still there, we will definitely go to visit this spot and maybe share with you our pictures.

And below, you can see a bonus – another image of the same tree vs door relationship:


Original image was taken from Pinterest


Second Place: ‘Bohemian Crafted Old Shabby Door’


Original image taken from Tumblr


Third Place (ex aequo): ‘Vintage Shabby Door Handle’ & ‘Old Shabby Doggie Door’

2013-12-31_#3_vintage-shabby-door-handle_prev 2013-12-31_#3_Old Shabby Doggie Door_prev

Original image of ‘Vintage Shabby Door Handle’ taken from Pinterest
Original image of ‘Old Shabby Doggie Door’ taken from Pinterest


Fourth Place: ‘Pink Vintage Shabby Chic Door’


Original image taken from Pinterest


And if you crave for more…

…just click the image below, you will find the rest of images on our Facebook gallery.


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