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How to Apply Large Water Decals – video tutorial

The print transfer you can see in the tutorial below is a Water Slide Decals, available in our online shop at BigBite Studio – Print Transfers.

If you want to try it yourself, you can have this design as
Water Decal: Vintage French Advert: Pret-a-Porter #039 or
Stencil: Vintage French Pret-A-Porter Advert #039

New tutorial on our new website

how to apply large water decal

Applying large Water decal (A3)

Hi again.
As we slowly implement large decals to our stock (size A3) we decided to create a tutorial showing advantages of big size.
It is fairly easy to apply large decal, just have a look at the video attached.

Please note: slowly we move our print transfer stock to, we are more concentrated on that platform, then on Touch the Wood. Big Bite Studio will be a website entirely dedicated to print transfers. Read More