Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau No. 07

Shabby chic bureau painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ and ‘Duck Egg Blue

Like always – this vintage bureau was slightly distressed along leading edges in areas of natural wear for authentic aged look.

The exterior is hand varnish to protect Annie Sloan’s paints and to enhance that old shabby chic appearance whereas. It has four big drawers and storage compartments with a small drawer inside, together with variety of dividers. This is hidden behind drop down door / writing desk.


To achieve even more shabby chic look on this bureau, we printed a vintage French advert on the top. It is the ad of some sort of parfumes (toilet water). It has been made using stencil method with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ paint. You can see the effect on closeups in photographs included.


vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_01 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_02 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_03 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_08 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_07 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_06 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_12 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_11 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_09 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_05 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_04 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_13 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_14



You can download free printable image of background lined at internal parts on this vintage bureau at Free Printable Image – Vintage Shawl Background


Height: 185cm
Width: 57cm
Depth of top part: 21.5cm,
Depth of bottom part: 43cm
Depth with table-top open: 74.5cm




Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint

Annie Sloan – ‘Duck Egg Blue’ chalk paint


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