Shabby Chic Bureau no. 8


What you can see in here is a Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau we made entirely to order.
Our customer has chosen a ‘raw’ vintage bureau from our Waiting Room, and we were happy to renovate it accordingly to her wishes.

This Shabby Chic Bureau was not on sale at all, therefore I do not include usual commercial part of description. Just the most important things:

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint
Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint

To give our Shabby Chic Bureau more vintage look we lined the bottom of each drawer with a prints of old fashioned butterflies, which we collect at Pinterest. Here you have link do best quality image: Butterflies

On the top we have printed a Vintage French Advert. I would love to add ‘Original’ with this description, but I cannot. Design was made by us and inspiration taken from the Internet.
The technique we used is our favourite screen printing.

Are we or are we not getting better in it?
Just have a look at the pictures.


shabby_chic_bureau-08_before-after_25 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before-after_26 shabby_chic_bureau-08_01 shabby_chic_bureau-08_02 shabby_chic_bureau-08_03 shabby_chic_bureau-08_04 shabby_chic_bureau-08_05 shabby_chic_bureau-08_06 shabby_chic_bureau-08_07 shabby_chic_bureau-08_08 shabby_chic_bureau-08_09 shabby_chic_bureau-08_10 shabby_chic_bureau-08_11 shabby_chic_bureau-08_12 shabby_chic_bureau-08_13 shabby_chic_bureau-08_14 shabby_chic_bureau-08_15 shabby_chic_bureau-08_16 shabby_chic_bureau-08_17 shabby_chic_bureau-08_18


Shabby Chic Bureau before renovation…

shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_19 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_20 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_21 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_22 shabby_chic_bureau-08_before_23

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