Vintage Shabby Chic Single Nest Table no. 05


Vintage Shabby Chic Nesting Table with French Advert

Just a little one – orphaned by unknown nest of tables, adopted by us, and transformed into handsome Shabby Chic coffee table.

For this piece, we created a Vintage French Advert of Absinthe, made by famous company of Edouard Pernod in Portanlier (Doubs) in Eastern part of France, near the Swiss border. This beverage is 62 percent alkohol, so be aware.
We transferred the print using a water decal technique.


height: 43cm
top: 43cm x 35cm

For printing we have used custom made French Advert of Extrait d’Absinthe. Technique – transfer of printing on water decal (more about this technque at How to make Shabby Chic Furniture with Print

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint
Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint


One thought on “Vintage Shabby Chic Single Nest Table no. 05

  1. sam

    Hi Guys,

    I am interested in buying this item! Also if you have a nest of tables that would ultimately be my preference.




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