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Shabby Chic Bureau with Bookcase no. 17

Vintage Writing Desk – tall Bureau with Bookcase in Shabby Chic Style


This tall Bureau with Bookcase is in fact shortest of all bureaus we were working on, it is just above 180cm. That make its cute and handy, will fit in most empty spaces of your bedroom or living room.
It is painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old Ochre’ and mix of ‘Chateau Grey’ and ‘Original’ (1:1), and protected with couple of layers of clear acrylic varnish.
On the back of bookcase, and on the deskotop’s back wall (behind pigeon holes) we stencilled lovely pattern provided by Louise Panes (you may want to check other stencils she sells on eBay).

Attention to detail
All our furniture are distinguished by attention to detail. We put a lot of effort to be sure that all small parts of our work will not spoil the overall result. That is why we, for example:

  • changed the felt in desktop support;
  • painted internal part of bookshelf doors;
  • painted and detailed finished internal part of all drawers;
  • cleaned and polished desktop’s brass hinges and lock;
  • all drawers edges and rear top of the bureau is painted with the utmost care;

(check the images with ‘Attention to Details’ marks on them)


This Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau with Bookcase was painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old ‘Ochre’ and mix of ‘Chateau Grey’ and ‘Original’ and gently distressed along leading edges. After that it was covered with three layers of Colron’s acrylic non-yellowing varnish, so it is safe to wipe with a dump cloth.

Height: 181cm (bureau: 99cm + bookcase 82cm);
Width: 71cm;
Depth of bureau with desktop closed: 44cm;
Depth of bureau with desktop open: 76cm;
Depth of bookcase: 20cm;

Annie Sloan – ‘Chateau Grey’
Annie Sloan – ‘Old Ochre’
Annie Sloan – ‘Original’

For printing on the back wall of the bookcase we used stencil, courtesy of Louise Panes).


  • This item may be collected in person.
  • However, we can deliver it ourselves within up to 20miles for free, and above that £0.80 per mile (up to 100 miles) from St Albans (AL3), (send me your postcode for precise quote).
  • Alternatively you can arrange a courier of your choice – in this case I will charge a buyer additional £10 for cost of packing.Please Note: We do not arrange any courier services ourselves. Feel free to arrange one, but you will do it entirely on your own responsibility. We will wrap the item up to highest standards, but we will not be liable for any damage occurred during transportation by third party courier.
  • You are welcome to view this item. Just let us know and we will arrange it on your convenience. We live in St Albans, postcode AL3.

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Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau with Bookcase no. 16

This Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau is Sold.


Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau with Detachable Bookcase

Here you have another tall Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau of us. This time with a bookcase.

We have feeling, that the choice of ‘hang on the wall’ vs. ‘leave on the top’ is quite valuable. That is why we fixed the top of bottom part of this piece and made it smooth as never touched by any screws, and attached brackets to the back of bookcase for hanging on any wall.
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Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau no. 09


Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau Writing Desk with Bookshelf

Our biggest bureau so far.

Almost two meters high, wide and spacious. The bookshelf will easily accommodate a big part of your vintage library, the desktop will allow you to work with your laptop. When retired for the night – you close the lid and admire a vintage French advert printed on the outside.

Perfect piece for a living room or a study. You can adapt it for children room as well – just make them to do their homework (which is not easy).

This Shabby Chic bureau was painted with Farrow and Ball primer and then Annie Sloan’s ‘Paris Grey’ and ‘Old White’ chalk paints. Then it was sanded gently to achieve distressed Vintage Shabby Chic look. Internal part of desktop, as well as internal drawers, were painted with both white and grey colours to achieve this interesting texture (you can find more info about this technique in our post about Shabby Chic Nest of Tables with Texture.
For long lasting protection it is covered with couple of coats of Colron’s non-yellowing acrylic varnish – safe to wipe with a dump cloth.

Attention to detail
All our furniture are distinguished by attention to detail. We put a lot of effort to be sure that all small parts of our work will not spoil the overal result. That is why we, for example:

  • paint the rear side of the bureau;
  • change the felt in desktop support to match the colour of paint (you may notice, it was green before);
  • paint internal part of bookshelf doors.



Height: 199 cm (bottom writing part: 98 cm + bookcase 101 cm);

Width of body: 75 cm;
Width of very top part: 78 cm;
Width of very bottom part: 77 cm;

Depth of bureau with desktop closed: 45cm
Depth of bureau with desktop open: 78 cm;
Depth of bookcase: 21 cm


For printing we have used our own design of vintage French advert. You can find it in our Resourcers page: Free Printable Image – Haute Couture. The technique we used this time is a screen printing.

Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint
Annie Sloan – ‘Paris Grey’ chalk paint


…the same Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau before renovation


Vintage Shabby Chic Bureau No. 07

Shabby chic bureau painted with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ and ‘Duck Egg Blue

Like always – this vintage bureau was slightly distressed along leading edges in areas of natural wear for authentic aged look.

The exterior is hand varnish to protect Annie Sloan’s paints and to enhance that old shabby chic appearance whereas. It has four big drawers and storage compartments with a small drawer inside, together with variety of dividers. This is hidden behind drop down door / writing desk.


To achieve even more shabby chic look on this bureau, we printed a vintage French advert on the top. It is the ad of some sort of parfumes (toilet water). It has been made using stencil method with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ paint. You can see the effect on closeups in photographs included.


vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_01 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_02 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_03 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_08 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_07 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_06 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_12 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_11 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_09 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_05 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_04 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_13 vintage_shabby_chic_bureau_14



You can download free printable image of background lined at internal parts on this vintage bureau at Free Printable Image – Vintage Shawl Background


Height: 185cm
Width: 57cm
Depth of top part: 21.5cm,
Depth of bottom part: 43cm
Depth with table-top open: 74.5cm




Annie Sloan – ‘Old White’ chalk paint

Annie Sloan – ‘Duck Egg Blue’ chalk paint