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We Are Back!

Vintage Shabby Chic Summer is Over


We are getting busy again

First of all we want to sincerely apologise all our readers, watchers, followers, and anyone who tried to contact us during last seven weeks, for lack of communication.
We spent this time on Wild East, where pigeones still are being used for sending mail.
Sometimes. Continue reading

How to transfer print onto wood –
PVA glue (Mod Podge substitute) method


In this tutorial I will present a way to transfer inkjet print onto wood or furniture.

I am not going to show anything new or super-innovative, this technique is widely known, and you can find a lot of examples of using it on hobby & craft websites, however – in most cases – it is known as a Mod Podge technique. Which I personally find very annoying, mostly because of the price you must to pay to buy a small jar of Mod Podge. Continue reading